Our Story

Goodbye school lunch stress!

At LunchEase, we’re on a mission to transform the way children eat at school, and to bridge the gap between convenience and nutrition for busy families. We're not just a school lunch delivery service; we're your partner in ensuring your little ones receive the nutritious meals they deserve.

A strong passion for kid’s nutrition led to the creation of LunchEase in 2022,
when our founder, Shannon Colebatch, decided to make a difference.

Shannon, a dedicated nutritionist and a mum of two school-aged children set out to make school
lunches not only convenient, but nutritious – removing the entire mental load for busy parents. Her
knowledge and experience in nutrition guide every aspect of LunchEase, ensuring that every meal is
carefully designed to be both delicious and nourishing for growing bodies.

Our lunch packs are great for school, but also a fantastic option for mid-week dinners for busy
families, a grab n go picnic option, a healthy meal for travelling in a plane or road trips – the options
are endless and we love to hear the ways our lunch packs make your life easier.

LunchEase is proud to serve the South Australian community with a dedication to freshness and

Thank you for choosing LunchEase!

Healthy kids are better learners

We know that nutrition plays a key part in the healthy development in children but the impact it can have in the classroom is huge. A balanced diet can improve mood, concentration and will ultimately lead to better performance and fewer absences.

Our meals are created by a nutritionist and incorporate the 5 food groups.