About Us

Goodbye school lunch stress!

Hi, I’m Shannon - an Adelaide-based nutritionist and mum of
two. When my son started school, I was working full-time in a demanding job and
I struggled with the mental load of packing a healthy school lunch each day. If
I could have clicked my fingers and outsourced the whole problem I would have. Our
school canteen couldn’t provide the healthy options I was wanting for everyday
and I knew there must be so many busy families out there struggling with this same
problem, so LunchEase was born.

As well as providing home delivery, we also deliver direct
to school, kindy and day care facilities through our School Partnership Program
– we are always striving to get more healthy meals into little bellies everyday and to make this as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Our lunch packs are great for school, but also a fantastic
option for mid-week dinners for busy families, a grab n go picnic option,
a healthy meal for travelling in a plane or road trips – the options are endless
and we love to hear the ways our lunch packs make your life better.

Thank you for your continued support Adelaide!


Founder, LunchEase

Healthy kids are better learners

We know that nutrition plays a key part in the healthy development in children but the impact it can have in the classroom is huge. A balanced diet can improve mood, concentration and will ultimately lead to better performance and fewer absences.

Our meals are created by a nutritionist incorporate the 5 core food groups.