Here are some of the simplest & healthiest snack ideas for younger kids you didn’t even know you already had at home! Forget the expensive packet snacks – keep it simple and offer these foods up instead

Frozen Fruit or Veg

Yes that’s right – straight out of the freezer, a cup of sweetcorn, peas, raspberries etc just as they are, make the perfect cold snack – it’s also great to offer when the pre-dinner hunger whining starts because if they fill up on sweetcorn or peas – who cares?! If you’re child isn’t into the frozen peas or corn you can just warm them up under some hot water.

Carrots / Baby Cucumber

Carrots and baby cucumbers are the immediate snack that requires no preparation from you and you can make them easily accessible for kids to grab as they like straight from the fridge.

Puffed Rice

Plain puffed rice is a fun textural snack, especially for toddlers. Not only is it healthy but can assist with fine motor control trying to grab the little pieces.

Grated Cheese

If you want a better protein snack – grated cheese is a great option to satisfy and is also good fun to eat and again can assist with fine motor control for the little ones.

Offering simple foods as they are is key to developing little palettes. When flavours are constantly combined or masked with added salt and sugar as in packet snacks, this can be detrimental to diversity in eating habits.

Shannon Colebatch

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