Adelaide's healthy school lunch delivery service

Nutritionist designed kids meals, delivered to your door.

Imagine never having to worry about school lunches ever again!

Let us take on the daily mental load of school lunches so you can have time back in the morning and know that your kids are getting a fresh, healthy, nutritionist-approved school lunch each day.

LunchEase is a family owned Adelaide based business, proudly supporting other Adelaide small businesses.

Healthy meals, zero effort (from you!)

Feeding kids is hard work! First you have to think of what to make, then the shopping (and trying to navigate clever food marketing), then the effort of making food that they might not even eat!

We understand, and don't worry - we've got you! Hand-ball that entire mental load over to us and take a break.

Delivered to your door

We know you're busy and school lunches are such a challenge. That's why we deliver a whole week of school lunches to your door.

You can even opt for a weekly subscription so you never have to worry about school lunches again!

Add some extra love to their lunchbox

Make your child feel extra special with a personalised handwritten note on your behalf for each lunch pack you order. Simply fill in the optional box on each product page.

What our customers say
"I highly recommend LunchEase. My 7 year old loves the food, especially the pizza and sausage rolls. I love the different fruit and vege options each week and knowing I am sending my kid to school with a nutritious lunch which will be eaten! It’s also a great option when you’re travelling or going out and can’t be bothered cooking beforehand - so convenient and fresh."
— Stephanie Lukys
"Delicious well-balanced meals that are wonderful when I don’t have time to do it all for my kids. Also perfect as a work lunch!"
— Shana Inge
"Excellent! I bought these for me rather than what they are designed for (kids lunches). This meant I had healthy and tasty food to hand on a long work road trip, and could avoid having to buying fast food. Sausage roll packs are a standout, 100% will get these again, they are super tasty. Also had some for office lunches, super convenient and fresh. You can taste that everything has been hand made from scratch."
— Kate Yeates
"I ordered 32 party packs for my son’s 9th birthday. Honestly, they look amazing!! So much better than the general party food like nuggets and chips. The party pack is more healthier and also easier to organize during the party. Every child loves their party pack. Thanks Shannon for delivering the packs to me early in the morning! Because of the great experience, I would love to order the lunch packs for my kids!!"
— Winnie Yang
As a parent with busy mornings and an eternal quest for healthier school lunches, discovering LunchEase has been nothing short of a lifesaver. With two kids in Year 6 and one in Year 3, the daily struggle of putting together nutritious and delicious lunches had us feeling like we were running a marathon before sunrise.
— Kiddo Mag